Skin Packaging Machine
Skin Pack Machine CT Series

skin packaging machine ct

CT Series Skin Pack

Semi-Automatic Impulse & Radiant Heating
Skin Packaging Machines

The CT /CTR Series skin packaging machines are designed for low to medium volume applications. The CT series incorporates a stationary heating system with instant on/off heaters, which quickly heat up during cycles and turn off for loading / unloading. The CTR series utilizes a retractable more powerful radiant heating system for more challenging projects.

Both the CT and CTR skin packaging machines are PLC controlled through an HMI screen for precision repeatability. These machines are sturdy welded steel construction with removable panels for servicing. Both series are available in standard sizes starting at 18” x 24” and increasing in 6” increments in either direction. Custom sizes and additional options are available including in metric measurements.