Medical and Food Tray Sealing Option is available on most Sealers


For Blister Sealers , Clamshell Sealers, Thermoformers, and Die Cutters



  • To guarantee a smooth running turnkey system we offer tooling to accompany each of our systems.

    Our heat sealing machinery tooling includes precision laser cut hardwood sealing fixtures or, for medical device and food tray packaging, precision machined anodized aluminum fixtures. Precision laser cut steel magazines are also available for our automated blister sealers.

    Laser cut steel rule trimming dies are available for our cutting systems.

    We offer epoxy or aluminum cast and precision machined aluminum molds for our thermoforming machines.

    All tooling is manufactured to exceptionally accurate tolerances and are guaranteed to perform with our systems.



Please contact the VISUAL sales office should you require a quote.


Visual Packaging, Thermoforming, Form Fill & Seal