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KS-4000TAS Series

2-station, 4KW, Shuttle Type RF Sealer Clamshell Packaging Machine



Our KS Series two station floor model shuttle type RF sealing machines are ideal for low to medium volume or JIT production.  These units can achieve speeds of up to 8 cycles per minute using one or two operators.  These high-quality, budget friendly RF sealing machines are ideal for start-up operations, cellular manufacturing or back-up equipment.  The KS Series are designed to accept packages that have been assembled off-line to be loaded and unloaded by hand.  The sealing cycle is automatic.  Packages may be sealed and trimmed (tear seal) or sealed only depending on the tooling style purchased.


The operator(s) load the pre-assembled clamshell packages into the sealing fixture which is then rolled between the upper and lower electrode.  The sealing cycle is started automatically when the seal tray reaches the end of its travel.  At the end of the sealing cycle the operator withdraws the tool from between the electrode, unloads the sealing fixture and reloads with another unsealed clamshell package.  A second station is provided at the opposite side of the machine for a second operator to produce packages when the electrodes are vacated by the first operator.  A single operator can work both stations if necessary.


Standard Features:

v         Power OFF/ON selector switch

v         High frequency generator

v         Cavity type circuit oscillator

v         Highly sensitive anti-spark circuit

v         Electronic hold timer

v         Electronic seal timers (2)

v         Temperature controller with OFF/ON switch for upper mold support plate

v         Manual / Automatic switch

v         RF OFF/ON switch

v         Emergency STOP push button

v         Automatic cycle

v         Casters

v         Filter, Regulator, Pressure gauge

v         Steel components polyurethane coated




220 Volts, 1 Phase, 30 Amps


110 Volts AC

High frequency power output:

4.0 KW

Oscillation frequency:

27.12 MHz

Rectifier type:


Air cylinder bore size:


Air cylinder stroke:


Air consumption per cycle:

0.420 scfm @ 100 psi

Upper electrode:

6.0” x 13.0”

Lower electrode:

18.0” x 23.5”

Sealing pressure:

700 lbs @ 100 psi air

Air inlet size:

” NPT female

Maximum clamshell depth / height:


Open loading stations:


Cycle speeds:

Variable, 1 to 8 on average


80”W x 40.8”D x 65”H

Working Height:



880 lbs




Model KS-4000TAS:



Sealing fixture set, consisting of one upper tool and two matching lower sealing fixtures.  Tooling sets can be manufactured for seal and trim (tear seal) or sealing only 2, 4 or 6 up cavity.

Please contact the VISUAL sales office should you require a quote on a size, specification or option not listed above.


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Factory ( Arlington , TX )

Payment Terms:

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